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Our aim is to showcase this industry in a way that it has never seen been before. Behind all the glamor and parties, there are thousands of people with real lives working throughout the world to support the dreams of the owners. We're going to show you who these people are and exactly how and what they do.


MAY 2019


Each year, major organizations within the marine industry descend on Washington DC to meet with legislators, initiate conversation and enact positive change for our industry, whether it’s tax reform, amendments to cargo class laws or to change legislation from within the heart of the American democratic system. I went this year to document the collaboration of a small community as they came together to take on big challenges. I wanted to show the industry at large what these honorable organizations do in advocating for the advancement, protection, and dignity of a niche market. For 3 days I followed Kitty McGowen and 12 delegates representing the US Superyacht Association, as they walked the halls of congress and spoke on the industries behalf – this is what your support in these associations enables for the good of all who work in the marine space.


APRIL 2019

Dan Lenard Vela code boat we can destroy

Vela Code - a new code for every yachtsman Dan Lenard of the renowned yacht design firm Nuvolari – Lenard embarked on a daring adventure: a transatlantic solo crossing in a 33 foot sailboat that he made from left over parts. He departed on the 20th January from Cadiz, Spain and arrived into Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 3rd, some 14 days after his expected arrival due to low winds. The challenge was not only that he was alone but he had no engine, no electronics, gps, log, compass or autopilot - his reason - to prove that it can still be done. That Pure Sailing is still attainable. It was a voyage with a mission... His intention is to use this act to highlight the plight of the seas. It is a rallying cry – an SOS to the entire yachting community to save our seas. He wants to start a new trend, that you simply don't use single use plastics onboard a boat - with the intent that this becomes a fashion and people around the world will follow suit.

The Biggest Boat Show In The World

These are the men and women who build it.


John Nigro informa flibs 2018.jpg

For over 20 years I have been attending the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. I’ve only ever seen it from an exhibitor’s point of view. Last year, I was invited to film behind the scenes with John Nigro and the team at Informa, formerly Show Management. We set out to make something very different than the final film you see here… I was overwhelmed by the comradery, team spirit, diversity of skills and ethnicities, backgrounds, enthusiasm, and can-do attitudes of the men and women I met. I am so proud to be part of this industry and Between Two Yetis we are discovering the human side of yachting – this is just the start.

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