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The Specials

The Specials


Yea, we took the Yeti's to the roof of Africa

We got presented with the opportunity to climb Kilimanjaro in January 2018 and instead of saying no, we took it upon ourselves to take 2 pink Yeti Tundras with us and interview the team we were with we never expected it to be the life affirming trip it turned out to be. 

90 Day Challenge

It was time.

My little brother was grossly over weight and needed a wake up call, so LIVE on air I challenged him to lose a 1/5th of his body weight within 90 days and the marker would be - did he fit into our 1 Year anniversary how did he do??

The work we do but don't like to talk about

Rachel needed our help, she had won a competition to raise money for charity and needed to come to Florida and get her pictures taken onboard a fast boat. 

We gave our time willing...


Whilst we were in our "bubble" during Hurricane Irma in Fort Lauderdale we made this video review. We held it back from release until we could tie it in with a way in which we could assist in some small way and we raised funds which we sent on to the relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

Our 1 year anniversary

It has been a year since we started this crazy little chat show and to celebrate we got a bunch of our friends to donate some money towards a 1 Year Anniversary T shirt with proceeds going to Climb for Memory, Climb for Memory is a charity ran by one of our new hosts of the show, Nelson Dellis - x4 time (soon to be x5 time) USA memory champion and he climbs mountains to raise awareness of Alzheimers disease. 

We ask the hard questions at art basel

Art Basel is one of the major events in Miami and we went along to ask the hard questions about Modern Art..