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Each ‘week’ focuses on a specific industry and is a long form, online seminar every morning for 5 days.


YACHT ENGINEERING WEEK for example focuses on shipyards, services and so on. 

AUTO ENGINEERING WEEK for example would look at car manufacture

This is a hands on behind the scenes look at companies and products. Filmed as if live, the show is hosted from the ēttend headquarters and then pipes out to correspondents in the field all around the world.

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Now filming it's third year, Yacht engineering week (YEW) is a staple for the International Yacht Brokers Association (IYBA). For 5 days, IYBA CEO Paul Flannery explores the engineering behind the yaching industry, from paint to engines to vibration analysis. 

IYBA YEW 2021 Day One
IYBA YEW 2021 Day  Two
IYBA YEW 2021 Day Three
IYBA YEW 2021 DAY Four
IYBA YEW 2021 Day Five
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