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Between Two Yeti Studios LLC
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Miami Beach
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2019 Between Two Yeti Studios LLC


Like all the best things in life - this all started by accident. We were talking with friends about how they got started in the marine industry at the Miami boat show back in 2017. We were surprised by how professional and well informed our peers were, so we thought  - let’s film this - by pure coincidence we were sat on two YETI coolers and the name stuck.

Over the past two years we've started to find our niche and we believe it is in providing the ability for every facet of the industry to tell it's story. Whether you are trying to sell a boat or document a moment in time. 

We are based in South Florida in the heart of the American yachting industry. 



We realized the people, the stories and the energy within the marine industry are fascinating and we're exploring it one person and one company at a time. 

We travel around the world engaging with people who were the pioneers of the industry right the way to the new blood coming up through the ranks. Here on our website you can learn who these people are, what their role is in the industry and more importantly what makes them tick.


We decided to take our YETI's and start having some group conversations about the industry and it's pro's and con's. We attempt to host a weekly discussion panel that will chew the fat on the hot topics effecting our industry today.

Studio for hire

We work with a select number of clients to promote and brand their businesses and organizations. Our selection process is based on certain criteria but above all it has to be fun. If you need some endorphins pumping into your brand drop us a line and lets talk.