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"Be Curious"

between two yetis

we’re taking the time

to share our stories

and genuinely engage

to discover

the human side

of industry

the dreams

the experiences

the heartaches

the hope

we’re provoking empathy



together we’re finding significance

and purpose

because behind every business are

human beings.




"I grew up in a quaint town in the heart of England, a place you'd least expect to find ties to the world's most extravagant superyachts. My father crafted lights for these floating palaces, purchased by some of the world's wealthiest individuals. Today, what was once a tiny little town has transformed into a hub for the superyacht industry, boasting seven specialized businesses and hundreds of local suppliers.

My upbringing gave me a front-row seat to the ripple effects of opulent spending; I've witnessed how a single purchase of a $100 million yacht can reverberate across industries and borders, ultimately landing on our family's dinner table. This profound impact isn't just confined to superyachts or my hometown—it's a global phenomenon that I've set out to explore and share.

Through 'Wealth in Motion,' I aim to unveil the intricate and often overlooked impact of luxury purchases on working-class communities around the world. From the decks of superyachts to the workshops of artisans, we're tracing the flow of wealth to show how it shapes lives, fuels economies, and creates a complex web of interdependence. For me, this isn't just a project; it's a journey into understanding the hidden ties that bind us all in an increasingly interconnected world."


At the Miami Boat Show in 2017, we were talking with friends about how they got started in the marine industry sat on two YETI coolers. It was more interesting than expected and we broke out our camera, boomed in a microphone and recorded these conversations. Someone said, “Here we are, between two YETIS!” and the show was born! We enjoyed getting to know people in a fresh way and learned more about friends we had known for years through a casual conversation on our YETIS than we ever had bumping into them on the docks at boat shows or sharing a beer in bars. 

We started to see the disparity between the mainstream view of a yacht as a frivolous purchase of the ultra-rich who should be taxed more, and the truth: A yacht employs hundreds of thousands around the world, mostly small family businesses. We made it our life’s work to meet these people who make a living in the marine space and tell their stories. While a boat brings freedom and joy to an owner, more importantly, it provides dignity and livelihood to a small, worldwide community. 

We are based in South Florida and take our YETI's all over the world.

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