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"Be Curious"

between two yetis

we’re taking the time

to share our stories

and genuinely engage

to discover

the human side

of industry

the dreams

the experiences

the heartaches

the hope

we’re provoking empathy



together we’re finding significance

and purpose

because behind every business are

human beings.




Graduate of Drama Centre London, Lee Savage followed in the footsteps of alumni like Anthony Hopkins, Pierce Brosnan, Emilia Clarke, and Tom Hardy. His passion for filmmaking began at an early age and he spent his childhood writing scripts and directing films with casts that included friends and family.


From drama school, Lee went on to land the leading role in a full-length feature film, The Hitchhiker, shot on location in South Africa. Torn between his passion for film and his family’s technology business in the Superyacht industry, Lee stepped away from acting to live around the world and help his family grow their company.


Now, years later, he has combined his passions for visual storytelling and the love of the marine industry by making shows about the marine industry for a mainstream audience that the marine industry can be proud of.

Lee is nimble and works across many platforms. He understands that not all stories work in all formats. With professional equipment for big-screen quality, Lee brings movie sensibility to television. He produces large-screen, short films, documentaries, television, and social media content. A compelling storyteller, Lee brings an authenticity and curiosity to his work that appeals to the coveted 25-54 demographic.


At the Miami Boat Show in 2017, we were talking with friends about how they got started in the marine industry sat on two YETI coolers. It was more interesting than expected and we broke out our camera, boomed in a microphone and recorded these conversations. Someone said, “Here we are, between two YETIS!” and the show was born! We enjoyed getting to know people in a fresh way and learned more about friends we had known for years through a casual conversation on our YETIS than we ever had bumping into them on the docks at boat shows or sharing a beer in bars. 

We started to see the disparity between the mainstream view of a yacht as a frivolous purchase of the ultra-rich who should be taxed more, and the truth: A yacht employs hundreds of thousands around the world, mostly small family businesses. We made it our life’s work to meet these people who make a living in the marine space and tell their stories. While a boat brings freedom and joy to an owner, more importantly, it provides dignity and livelihood to a small, worldwide community. 

We are based in South Florida and take our YETI's all over the world.

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