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Suki Finnerty

Brittani Severn of RMK Merrill Stevens o

February 2018

February 2018
Miami Beach, Florida

If you don't know Suki then where have you been? Suki has been a firm fixture within the South Florida boating scene for many many years.

"Oh my god, I have seen it all. And you know, when you are on these yachts on the back of the aft deck or, let alone from what I know from all the crew from Dockwalk and all so forth, I hear everything, the gossip, this one was with that one, the captain, we hear the below deck stuff."

- So Suki, if you've been doing this for 18 years, what's the funniest or most embarrassing thing you've ever seen at a boat show?


- Oh my god, I have seen it all. And you know, when you are on these yachts on the back of the aft deck or, let alone from what I know from all the crew from Dockwalk and all so forth, I hear everything, the gossip, this one was with that one, the captain, we hear the below deck stuff.

- Nice.

- You know what I mean? But we don't talk about that anymore. But the most embarrassing thing was me, man. –


- I had just started working with Dockwalk in 2001, and I'm at the Fort Lauderdale boat show, and Norma, and we're doing all this stuff, and Greg's like, we had a captain's hideout, we created the captain's hideout. - Yeah. - So we had Thad at the Vijima and Greg said, Suki, make sure, you know, we get a photo of who we're giving the Vespa to. I said, okay, just let me know who we pull out of the fishbowl for the captains and the crew, which yacht is going to win it. He goes, okay, we got to do that, and I said, okay Greg, just tell me when. He goes, so we just want to make sure the right yacht gets it, And I'm like, he goes, look at the list, what do you think? I go, oh Greg, all right, and I go, where's the Vespa? He goes, right there by Moran booth at the Swimming Hall of Fame. I go, okay, I go, oh, Inevitable, that would be perfect. They have the lapels, they look good. You know, Captain Rusty, had the big mustache, handlebars. So I said, that would be the perfect boat. So, and I go, it's right there, they can wheel it down and get the picture. He goes, all right, just let him know that we'll come take a picture. So here, and it just happens the yacht's name is Inevitable. So here's what happens when you do the naughty and set something up and, so I go to the yacht I see the captain, not the captain he wasn't there, the crew, and I'm walking by and I say, three o'clock, photo go, crew, and he goes, the mate's up on the third deck. So, he's like, Suki, come here, and they have a black carpet right in front of Moran Group there. I said, I've got to go, and I'm walking down to meet Norma to do a photo for her book signing. - Right. - For one of the other captains that were doing a book signing. So I'm like going, I got to go. And he's like, just come for a minute, try to talk. So I am walking towards the back of the aft of the boat, and there's stern two right here, black carpet, navy blue hull, I'm looking up and I'm like got my, back then I had my cell phone, my pack, my camera with my big video camera and my still, and I come a little closer. Come on man, I knew how to walk around on boats, right. I wasn't trying to get in between the thing. I just took one step too many. I went between the boat, I was in the drink. –


- I go, are you kidding me? I had the bag, I'm hanging off the side with my arm like this, and the mate's up there. And he's like, Oh! And I'm like, he better get his ass down here. So I had to wait, my clog was falling off, I was trying to catch it with my foot. But I'm hanging like this, and he comes and like oh, I'm like, take the bag off my shoulder. The bag, get it off, so I can get up. And being an athlete swimmer, I jumped right up on the dock. And I'm emptying it out, and people are walking by, and like fish are coming out of my bag and everything. And I'm like chew up the mate, I'm like, quick, get me the freshest bucket of water so I can put it. And he's over there with a spigot. I'm like, turn on the water, so he fills the thing I'm like bring it, I threw everything in. Took all my chips out, saved all my photos. Put all the cameras, video camera, everything, still camera. - In the water? - Fresh water, yeah. Working at Harvard you learn how to take care of things in salt water you put it in fresh water. Just soak it right away. - Right. - And then my camera guy was in North Miami, so I called him and, so anyway, but people are walking by, and I see the captain, he's like, what's up? I go, I fell in the drink, I had my Tommy Hilfigers on. They took my clothing, the engineers in the engine room taking my cell phone, we're clearing it. And I'm like, I put everything in the water. They changed me into the crew uniform. I walked down to the next dock to go do the photo with Norma, they're like, what are you doing in a crew uniform? I'm like, don't ask, just give me your damn point and shoot camera. - - The crew are walking, I said take my bucket of water to the captain's hideout, and do not tell Tim from Globe Marine Travel, they're all up there, right, and Greg, I go, don't tell them what happened, just bring the bucket, put it there, I will get it and then take it to my repair. So they call me when at the yacht. They're like, Suki, and I look over, and they're like, the crew, we're taking the bucket to the captain's hideout. I go, I know, ssshh, just go. Well it went like fire through the whole boat show. Suki from Dockwalk fell in the water, right? It was so embarrassing. So I then get, after I go to the captain's hideout, I come in, they're all like, ♪ Splish Splash she was taking a bath. ♪ I'm like, you guys suck. So I then got in my car and drove to North Miami. It was the last day of the boat show. I'm itchy, I'm like, why am I so itchy? Because all the oil and everything in the water? I went to call my guy, hey, it's Suki, I'm bringing my camera. I did a total blonde thing and I walked off the dock at the Fort Lauderdale boat show. He goes, yeah that was dumb. He goes, leave it in the fresh water, and bring it to me right now. - So you're leaving it in the water the whole time? - Yeah, he told me not to take it out. - What? - And then when I got there he said toss the video camera. I go, yeah I know that. And I had just ordered the brand new one the day before, so I'd made it's money off that one. But the Canon camera, two days later he calls me. All set, ready to go, fixed it. And then of course I sold it to a captain or something. - Your power's already off then, so do you take the battery out of all of them? - Yeah, I took everything right out. All you have to do is take out batteries, chips, anything. Everything, all batteries, and boom, put the camera and the unit and everything in. The video camera was gone, because it was mini DV. That was gone. - And just leave it in the water? - Leave it, he told me not to take it out. I go, should I change it before I come? He goes, no, and then he left it in water over night. And then he took it out, put it on, dried it, fixed it, and then I sold it off to somebody else. It was worth it, it was fine and working, it happens. So, embarrassment.


- That was awesome, thank you, Suki.


- How embarrassing, huh?

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